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New 2018 Cannondale Synapse launched: first ride! The new Cannondale Synapse endurance bike is claimed to be lighter and stiffer than the previous version, and will only be available with disc brakes.

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Outwardly the new Cannondale Synapse may look very similar to the previous model. However, appearances can be deceptive. The new platform is a completely different bike with a completely different carbon layup and several subtle but significant differences, the main being that the new model will only be available with disc brakes.

First launched in 2006 the Cannondale Synapse is a bike known for combining great ride quality, confident handling, relaxed geometry and versatility. With the race-orientated SuperSix Evo, Cannondale places the emphasis on stiffness, low weight and aggressive geometry, whereas with the Synapse the design objectives centre around compliance, a smoother ride, greater integration and increased versatility (the ability to ride on a wider range of surfaces).

Within the endurance road bike category, the Cannondale Synapse is a highly regarded machine that has won many awards and fans. It’s been around a while with this, the latest version of the Synapse following the original model launched in 2006 and a second iteration in 2014. The new bike features greater integration, but doesn’t set its stall out as an aero bike.

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