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A tire’s compound, together with its casing, determines how well is the grip on the road. Vittoria tirelessly researches new compounds to give riders tires with even better performance, grip and longevity, in all conditions.

But what does “compound” stand for when talking about bicycle tires? It describes a mixture made up by the combination of different materials. Vittoria uses over 100 components for the manufacturing of compounds, such as natural rubber, synthetic rubber, carbon black, graphene and process oils. That said, Vittoria succeeded as only bicycle tire manufacturer in using four compounds for the construction of a single tire tread: Vittoria invested in view of future performance demand in the only 4C extruder in the bicycle tire industry, able to process four different compounds in a single tire tread: the several million-dollars’ worth machine can process hundreds of types of rubber to fine-tune each tire tread according to the special demand, as thin as 0.3 mm thickness.