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With three wheels for superb stability, 3-speeds to help tackle rises in your path, and a rear rack capable of carrying up to 45 pounds, the Raleigh Tristar 3-speed is ready for your next adventure. Whether you are riding around the neighborhood, to the grocery store, or taking a picnic to the local park the Tristar 3-speed will get you there in style.
The 24″ wheel in the front and the two 20″ rear wheels keep the Tristar 3-speed stable enough to ride around town while keeping it narrow enough to fit through an exterior door. So, even if you don’t have a garage, you can keep your trike inside without too much fuss. The details have been taken into account with the Tristar 3-speed: an internally geared hub gives you 3-speeds to choose from in getting up rises, the front fender helps keep you dry in the rain, a chain guard helps keep your pant and skirt hems from getting stuck in the chain, the rear coaster brake (push the pedals backwards to stop) and front hand brake give you confidence while stopping, the parking lock on the brake lever keeps the bike from rolling while getting on and off, and the Raleigh comfort tractor saddle makes sure there is plenty of cush for your tush.
If you are searching for a low impact exercise, the freedom wheels can offer, and the wind flowing through your hair, but a 2-wheeled bike does not suit your needs the Raleigh Tristar 3-speed is a great alternative. Hop on this big-kid trike and remember what it is like to pedal your way to fun.


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