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Dat new up over though

New dads don’t mind getting their hands dirty. @j1cham

The 2019 Cannondale Habit is all new with a clean and elegant suspension design. The lines are straight forward with a bit of an angular geometric aesthetic that I personally like. It’s designed with a 66 degree headangle, 74.5 degree (sagged) seat tube angle and 435 mm stays. Coupled with 130 mm of travel front and rear, it’s going to handle all but the absolute burliest central Texas trail without a whimper.

Though he ruined everything weather wise-🤣, we really enjoyed talking with Jon and helping him find the bike to handle what he had in mind.  Regardless if it’s a standard commute or slapping some more aggressive treads on and hitting the lite single track in the area, the Kona Rove ain’t afraid of no ghost. Jon with his rain bringer. #newbikeday #whobroughtheflood #twoofeveryanimal #isbrushyrideable

Yee haw. Reverb to fakie. I love zip ties as a tool.

The pedal case just got mega. Put yer foot down.

Several people in the past few months have asked me how I build trail. So here it is. Day one on a new little piece of trail. Steps to complete are. 1 get permission to be there  2 bring drinks 3 get ready to chainsaw or lopper a corridor 4 stare at the fox ( that I swear jumped down out of a tree just after I passed under), catfish, bass, and assorted other woodland creatures. 5 walk around in circles in the woods trying to “feel” where the trail should be and see any interesting features. 6 stress over the actual responsibilities you should be attending to. 7 Then repeat for days till it’s done.

We had a pretty awesome ride last night. We all got to welcome Javy back to his first off road ride since his wrist injury. 11 riders showed up after not having a Wednesday ride in quite a while. What a fun group that was.

Our friends Matt and Wendy visited China this week and sent back some nice photos we thought we’d share.