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Ize likes coffees at my neighborses. @redhornbrew

Will it rain on your ride this weekend? Signs point to yes. Have fun anyway! Happy weekend friends!

New bike day for us🤘🏽 Which color would you chose? Gunmetal Grey or Pinot Nior Red 🤔 #transitionbikes #transitionsentinel #transitionsentinelcarbon

Buck Rogers eat your heart out.

Safety third. #smithoptics

It was cool enough in the garage to mess with the weirdmobile. This is a very unusual three speed setup in my pedal car that needs heavy resto.

New bike day for Ross! 🤩 Enjoy your new Yeti 4.5! 🤙🏽

Little before and after trail maintenance, BEFORE it gets too hot. Thanks to whoever took care of ALL the vines that were on the log!

Does your current suspension feel underwhelming? Its amazing how buttery smooth it feels after servicing it 🏽 Quick turn around times happening now! 🤙🏽 #foxshocks #parktool #sosmooth

ASMR video for ya. I did clean the bit thoroughly for those of you who ate this last night.