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The Brushy Creek mountain bike trail system has quickly become one of the most complete trail systems in the Austin metro area. Since the trails are so new, many of the maps and info you find online (including this page) can go our of date very quickly. With connecting all the loops and sections plus just navigating the paths between them you can easily put together a 20+ mile ride on mostly single track. Everything is so new and in a state of constant improvement we highly recommend you get someone to guide you around the first time you go. Or roll with us on out Wednesday night shop ride.

Peddler’s Pass | 2 Miles – Beginner/Intermediate

A great section to start on. Mostly flow with some berms, a few wooden bridges, and just a few rock ledges. Access the trailhead east of Parmer and just west of the Brushy Creek Lake Park parking lot.

Mulligan | Intermediate – .5 mile

Mulligan is a quick little loop to jump on as you make your way to and from the western end of the system. We’d label it easy if it wasn’t for the exits and a couple little tech climbs in the middle. There are two options at the end of the trail that can be a bit intimidating and you’ll quickly see which one is hard and which one isn’t too bad. The trail has lots tight turns and narrow tree gaps so mind your bars.

Picnic | Beginner – 2 miles (out and back)

Picnic is the easiest trail in the Brushy Creek Mountain Bike system…if you want it to be. There are also a few drops and roll-ins that will challenge more experienced riders but those are completely optional. Take you first right into the woods after you cross under the train trestle. There’s a fork in the trail and you can opt for upper or lower picnic. We like to combine the two and go out via one and back via the other. Picnic also connects to Double-Down/Deception or you can pop back up to the Brushy Creek Regional Trail to traverse to another loop like The Rim, Snail Trail, or the western trailhead for Double-Down/Deception/ Quarter Notch.

Quarter Notch (formerly deception east) | 3 Miles – Intermediate

Quarter Notch and Double Down are the main attractions for most riders in the Brushy Creek Trail System. Quarter Notch’s trailhead has moved a few times to accommodate a new connector for the multi-use path. It’s now located just up the connecter from the main path. Signs will show you the way. Eventually you will come to a junction on the trail with three options plus the one you just came from. At this junction you’ll see swag rock which has a collection of broken bike parts that the trail has claimed. This serves as a good warning as you make your decision where to go next. Continue down the rabbit hole (you’ll now when you see it) into Double Down, take the bail out to connect to the multi-use path or picnic, or you can go back the way you came. Double Down is the toughest trail in all of Brushy Creek and most of the broken parts you’re looking at where bit by Double Down.

Double Down | 3 Miles – Expert

Double Down will make you hate bikes or it will be the challenge you’ve been looking for. Super technical rock gardens, climbs, hair pins, boulders, drops, loose stuff, exposed rock, and barbed wire. Double Down has it all. There is a bailout/connector to Picnic about half way through if you’re not digging the ride or if you have a mechanical and need to pull the plug.

The Rim/Dave’s | 2 Miles – Advanced

The Rim and Dave’s Ditch are some of the coolest sections in Brushy Creek and are not to be missed. Just across the access trail from the western trailhead of Double Down is the drop in to The Rim. After some rock grinding look for a left hander that traverses the cliff above the multi-use path. Don’t look down as you navigate the G-outs. Follow the trail all the way up until it leads you down into Dave’s Ditch. When it’s dry the grip is fantastic and it is much easier to roll than it’s grandness may imply. Definitely get your Instagram on here after you descend into this 20 foot mini canyon.

We’ll add more info as more of the trail gets signs and maps installed. Better yet, stop by the shop and talk with our crew, they know their way around