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Today the trail became legitimate. It’s earned its position in the last year so now the paid for materials are incorporated.

Better than carrying all the way. 🤟

David exploring Palmer Park in Colorado Springs on his Carbon X01 Sentinel in Gunmetal Grey! 🤙🏽 #transitionbikes #transitionsentinel #thepeddlerbikeshop

Hauling tail and building trail. This looks safe

Oh yeah and btw, the 130’s 100’s and 150’s are on the way.

Let me know when y’all are ready to get sexy. Howler Bros in stock now at the Parmer store. Come get em before I take them all home myself.

Ize likes coffees at my neighborses. @redhornbrew

Will it rain on your ride this weekend? Signs point to yes. Have fun anyway! Happy weekend friends!

New bike day for us🤘🏽 Which color would you chose? Gunmetal Grey or Pinot Nior Red 🤔 #transitionbikes #transitionsentinel #transitionsentinelcarbon

Buck Rogers eat your heart out.