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Mike with his new Salsa Timberjack 29 Deore. We love helping people find the right bike and the Timberjack is often the right bike for someone wanting a really capable fun setup. Thanks Mike!

Checking out some prize livestock at the Llano county fair. I hope I get a blue ribbon for my heifer.

We’re out here but.... will we ride or paddle? That is the question.

Phyllis with her birthday gift, a Norco Scene 3. This is such a fun little bike to go with a really cool birthday girl. She and her husband had me cracking up the whole time they were in the store. Nice people are great! Happy birthday and happy riding!

Hot bikes of Instagram offering-Just in at the shop 2019 Giant Advanced Pro 29 1. 🤠giddy up

Wednesday shop ride is on for tomorrow y’all. Git some.

I’m Mr. Garvey. I taught for 20 years in the inner city so don’t even think about messing with me. You wanna go to war Balake? Cause we can go to war!